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Embracing Diversity in the Workplace


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Several pieces of federal legislation protect diversity in the workplace. Some of these laws date back to the 1960s and continue to evolve, as does the definition of the term diversity.
Diversity for the purposes of employment pertains to sexism, racism, and ageism. Today, we also need to extend ...

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Notes from the seller: Hello! My name is Marcia Gage. I have spent most of my life surrounded by books. Subsequently, I learned at an early age to love both reading and writing. In my professional life I have worked in sales and retention, fundraising, training and management for arts, political, environmental organizations and for online universities. In all my positions I have experience in writing scripts, ads, training manuals and, of course, emails and letters to clients, students and donors. I have an MS in Psychology and I am also a Master Herbalist. Throughout my studies in psychology I have written several papers focusing on eating disorders, health and wellness and alternative medicine. I have passed the certification tests in HubSpot Academy for both Inbound and Content Marketing. I write frequently for International Living and I am a member of the ITWPA. Other interests include travel and experiencing different cultures, music, reading, food, gardening, politics and baseball. I enjoy incorporating my knowledge of classical music, herbalism, wine, gardening, politics, travel and Psychology into my writing. I also have experience designing and writing for websites and product pages. I have participated in online product, restaurant, hotel and travel reviews. I have written extensively for International Living. I am a member of the ITWPA. I am the author of three books: Buried Love: A Hoarder's Journey, Soulmate Hunting After 40: The Mature Guide to Finding and Keeping Love and Happiness and the revised version for all adults, Soulmate Hunting: Beyond Clubbing: The Mature Guide to Finding and Keeping Love and Happiness. I also have a short story, The Asian Lady available on Amazon. I am the mother of four adult sons and five grandchildren and four step grandchildren. For several years, I have lived with my husband in a downtown high-rise in Minneapolis we love urban living and all it has to offer. My husband and I live part of the year in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and co-authored a blog about our experience. “Mexico Bound Boomers: Paupers in Paradise. The blog is no longer live but is now a book. I believe that good writing consists of accuracy, creativity and in many cases, a sense of humor. My goal is to inform, inspire and entertain my audience.

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