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Cultural Exchange Between Countries


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Cultural exchange between countries:

Macao has unbroken shut ties with Portuguese-speaking Countries, the European Union and with Latin nations due to affinities that have developed over time between individuals and organizations. The ties embrace economic matters, and people encompassing culture...

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Notes from the seller: Portfolio Md Mostafa Kamal Educational Qualification • Obtained Bachelor of Science degree from Dhaka University, Bangladesh in 1989 (Major subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). Professional Training: Computer • Certificate course on Word Perfect, Lotus 123, dBase III+, DBMS (Database Management System), SPSS/PC+, FoxPro, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Basic from ASAPS, Dhaka • Successfully Completed the # SQL Fundamentals Course # C++ Tutorial Course # C# Tutorial Course from SOLOLEARN • Certificate course on CDS/ISIS (Computerized Documentation System/Integrated Set for Information System) from Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP), Dhaka Skill in Computer OS/Communication/Utility software: • Familiar with DOS, Windows 95/98/2000/NT/7, MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, Linux Dovecot, Zimbra, Computer Trouble shooting etc. Professional Training: Research Design • A four weeks training on Survey Design and Sampling conducted by Horizon Pacific International (HPI), Canada (held at Dhaka). I’m a strategic writer with a strong background developing online content, including blog posts, social media posts, and articles. I can turn a phrase in a way that represents your brand and appeals to your target audience. Whether you need a formal, serious tone or a more playful one, I can make the transition with ease. I have a deep passion for research and guarantee that all of my writing is 100% original. I highly value professionalism and hold myself strictly accountable to represent my client’s brand. I aim to form a long-term working relationship. Here is a sampling of the articles publishing my own works under my pen name: Major Work Experience in Proshika Position and Project Name Description Programmer Baseline Survey of Proshika Primary group Member selection : Have developed Computerized database of baseline socio-economic data for the selection of primary group members and using the data set for impact assessment and regional planning. The baseline includes processing and analyzing data and prepares a report identifying target beneficiaries. Based on this reports the area offices form primary groups. The survey will cover three million households to be covered under the survey process. 30 staff are involved in data editing and processing on computer in client server system, with 300 field workers collecting data in the field. The survey will continue up until 2002. Programmer Impact Assessment Study 1998-99 Have developed the application software (Multi-user) for the Impact Assessment Study data entry and analysis. Using the Microsoft Access developed the software and analysis is done by Ms Excel and SPSS/PC+ package. Proshika conducts the Impact Assessment Study in every three years. Programmer Study on Investigation to the Dropout of Proshika Group Members –2000 Have developed Application software in Ms Access for Study on Investigation into the Dropout of Proshika Group Members, which was conducted by the Impact Monitoring and Evaluation Cell of Proshika. Data was analyzed by using MS Access and Ms Excel. Programmer Fish Technology Transfer: Worked as a Computer Programmer in an evaluative study assessing the performance/impact of 54 fish culture projects implemented by Proshika groups and assisted by ICLARM, Dhaka. The System was developed in FoxPro & report output was generated in SPSS/PC+. Programmer Social Forestry Programme in Madhupur: Worked as a Computer Programmer of the Social Forestry in Madhupur Gar project. This study covered three villages in Madhupur Gar, Tangail covering 108 households. The system was developed in FoxPro & report was generated in SPSS/PC+. Programmer Impact Assessment Study of Proshika 1995: Worked as computer Programmer for IAS ’95 of Proshika. This Cross-sectional study involved 13 social and economic indicators to obtain data from households with fifty percent non-Proshika households. The survey was carried out under the supervision of Dr. Atiur Rahman, BIDS. Data report was generated by using SPSS/PC+. Programmer Feasibility Study of Urban Poor Development Programme of Proshika: The study was carried out by IMEC. The system was developed in FoxPro Package programming and data was analyzed by using SPSS/PC+. Programmer Computerization of Reference Library: The Library Management System of Proshika was developed with CDS/ISIS (Computerized Documentation System/Integrated Set of Information System). The System was developed for providing quick service to library users. Programmer Periodic Monitoring System: It was a quarterly exercise focusing Training, Samity and Credit performance of Proshika. This routinal data gathering process was carried out by the field managers/staff of Proshika. I had developed the Computer program for Data Entry, Data analysis in FoxPro and report generation in SPSS/PC+. Three annual reports (1991,1992, 1993) including quarterly reports were prepared based on these analyzed data. Position and Project Name Description Programmer Pilot Impact Assessment of Proshika Programmes: I developed the computerized system for pilot survey of Proshika The survey was administrated on 880 small group (consisting of 12-20 members), which aimed to provide input to the final design of Impact Assessment of Proshika. Programmer Beneficiary Impact Monitoring Study of Third Fisheries Projects (BIMS, TFP): Worked as a Computer Programmer of BIMS. The project assessed the impact of third fisheries project, which was implemented by IMEC, with assistance from DFID. The study area spreads over 10 Beels covering 140 villages and 1430 respondents. I worked as a counterpart of the DFID Computer Consultant for programming, Data processing in FoxPro. In addition, I worked on SPSS/PC+ to redesign and regenerate the data for report writing. In addition I looked after data management of Beneficiary Impact Monitoring Study of Third Fisheries Projects. Programmer Impact of Revolving Loan Fund (RLF): Looking into the amount of Investment, Income, Utilization of income and Process of Management and its Implementation. Special attention was be given to multipurpose credit program for identifying various specific sectors where money is being invested. The system was prepared in FoxPro for the Impact Assessment of "Revolving Loan Fund" program conducted by Proshika. The system was developed as a multi-user system. The Data report outputs has been generated in SPSS/PC+. Programmer Job Opportunities and Business Support (JOBS) Programme: The project assessed the benefit of the businessmen from Proshika. The study spread over 13 Thanas covering 360 villages and 2500 respondents. I Developed the customize software (Multi-user) program of the "Job Opportunities and Business Support (JOBS) System" of Proshika, Bangladesh. This program was developed in Microsoft Access for Windows 95. Programmer Women Workload Analysis: The project assessed the workload of Proshika's women group members. The study spread over 20 Thanas covering 350 villages and 3500 respondents. I Developed the customize software (Multi- user) program of the "Women Workload Analysis System" of Proshika, Bangladesh. This program was developed in Microsoft Access for Windows 95.

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