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Protecting Yourself Financially and Psychologically During an Economic Collapse


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Have you ever thought about what steps you would take to protect yourself and your family financially and psychologically in the event of an economic collapse? The object here is to remain financially and psychology stable in the wake of a catastrophic collapse in the economy. If enough people toug...

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Notes from the seller: Published freelance writer living in Downsville, LA - I'm also an advertising and marketing consultant and have spent time as an internet DJ for an online Classic Rock station. Being an internet marketer of sorts, I also specialize in SEO articles and Webpage content. And I absolutely love the freedom of being my own boss and making my own schedule. Hell, it's no job --- it's a brain-slamming adventure that I'm gonna ride until I run outta tracks to ride on. My greatest passion in life is music, so all of the above has the tendency to take a back seat when I'm enjoyin' a beer, and rockin' and rollin'. Anything else you'd like to know about me, you can always get a hold of me at Facebook.

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