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RELATIONSHIP HEART BREAK.. ( why relationships suffers heart breaks and what could be done )


About 2340 words long.

Article Excerpt:

Most people will always want to know or ask questions about why their relationship suffer heart breaks, some think they are cursed or maybe they are being punished or so but they got it all wrong, am writing this to inspire and also let all my readers know that they are not under any influence of cu...

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Notes from the seller: chibbzy, whose full name is KANU CHIBUZOR EMMANUEL is the founder of, chibbzy was born on the 6th of april 1999, ( /06/04/1999 ). He is survived by two brothers and three sisters, he also has a step brother & siste3. he is the 3rd born in the kanu family. He attended okota senior high school which ia where he also passed out from . 6 Chibbzy is currently working at CHIDI KESTER ENTERPRISES. which they deal with the repairs and selling of computers technology. WHAT INSPIRED HIM ? chibbzy has the zeal and passion for creating things and also helping others , chibbzy was more or less like a vessel whom the lord has brought 6down to inspire those who have talent and zeal like him to work towards their dreams and helping them archive it. What inspired chibbzy his instincts on creating things and also making things happen. Chibbzy doesn't look down on people instead he helps them to grow in achieving greater heights in future and becoming something important on their various countries.

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