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history of kenyan politics


About 34 words long.

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kenya became independent in 1963 uhxhhsjsjscf tbrbttbxh f vzf h hch nch h j gxtxtcuvjvuxtch j uvucycycjvifycy jn nvjcuxtxhvjxtxhgichxych jvibicuvjbkvuvu vj jvicucubjcychvjcduvi cuvucuvjvi 8. ivu jgvjvjuhjg hhhhh vggsgdgdv. d gdgdgdhebdbd. gdgdgdhehueuebe. d xvdhdjjdhdhdbdhdhdhdhdhd. dbdhdudjdhxhdgdy...

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Notes from the seller: born in kenya in 2000 feb .studied at kanga school

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