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You don\\\’t exist, and that\\\’s GREAT!


About 400 words long.

Article Excerpt:

\"You\" do not exist. \"I\" do not exist. I\'m intentionally opening this article with these two provocative assertions and I understand how unpalatable this idea can be at first glance, but hear me out and I will explain to you why this realization is the single most effective idea in regards to re...

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Notes from the seller: Hello, welcome to my profile! My name is Luke, I'm a UK teen with an avid interest in a variety of different conversational topics and aspects of life. Although I am currently looking for employment, I keep myself busy in my free time by indulging in my various hobbies and interests. My week consists of doing a lot of running, reading interesting non-fiction books and/or journals, teaching myself new computing skills and playing computer games. I hope I will have something on offer that appeals to you and that others might benefit from my articles!

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